3 Floor Battery Cabinet

Battery Cabinet is a metal box useful for create proper environment for placing batteries required for U.P.S . Considering special characterization of batteries used along with Uninterruptable Power Supplies and their rolls in proper function of them, providing required environment is necessary for batteries must be taken into consideration. Chatra Battery cabinets with different size are designed for placing and protecting different types of batteries available in market.



Removable Side panels for ease of maintenance and access inside

Strong Solidity for keeping heavy battery(s)

Vent holes for optimum air circulation in 4 sides

Cable Slot for cable routing

Ability to settling the cabinets on each other

Designed for keeping different types of batteries

Fully Steel Frames and Panels

Optional various colors

Electrostatic Powder Coating

Chatra 3 Floor Battery Cabinet



Internal Width:380 mmExternal Width:420 mm
Internal Depth:510 mmExternal Depth:570 mm
Internal Height:840 mmExternal Height:970 mm
Surface Finish:Powder CoatColor:RAL9005-RAL7047
Weight:-Product Code:CHBC003