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Wallmount racks are small size racks mountable to walls for placing active and passive network components such as networks switches in low populate network access layers.

Furthermore in cases where there is not enough space to use standing racks, and small networks in offices and homes wallmount racks are the best choice for placing and protecting network components.

bullet-red   Light weight and strong construction

bullet-red   Removable Front door providing ease of access and component installation

bullet-red   Tempered glass front door with strong metal frame

bullet-red   7U and 9U models

bullet-red   Enough depth for mounting different types of network components

bullet-red   Equipped with Round lock to prevent unauthorized access

bullet-red   Air vent holes in front, roof and bottom section for proper air flow

bullet-red   Standard RAL 9004/9002 color

bullet-red   Electrostatic powder paint coat

bullet-red   Zinc Plate Adapters and supports

bullet-red   Cable entry in back, roof and bottom section

bullet-red   1 fan housing in 7U and 2 fan housing 9U

Unit External Width External Depth External Height Internal Width lnternal Depth Internal Height
7 600 450 390 452 400 313
9 600 450 480 452 400 402
9 600 600 480 452 550 402
Chatra Wallmount Rack
  • ATX Tower Case

  • Autoclave

  • CNG Dispenser

  • ATM Case

  • TTW

  • Control Panel

  • UPS Case

  • PLC Eclouser

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